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About us: Welcome

Brain Robot Augmented InteractioN(BRAIN) lab seeks to find new ways to deliver more better quality of life to human by melting robotics into brain engineering. Our transdisciplinary philosophy pursues the best practical contribution to the humanism. To that end, we combine multidisciplines encompassing robotics, informatics, brain sciences, and ethics.

Over the past decade or so, we have been developing upper limb rehabilitation robot, dual arm collaborative robot, and rescue-relief robot by utilizing HRI technologies and also real-time brain monitoring, neurofeedback for stroke rehabilitation, and neurohaptics by exploiting BCI technologies.

Based on our achievements and performances so far, now we are enjoying new exploration of the essential Human Augmentation to enhance physical, cognitive, and environmental abilities together.

In particular, by integrating AI, brain decoding and encoding, and robotics, we are focusing on noninvasive neuromodulation for the treatment of brain diseases including pain.

We are proactively participating in learning, research, and development in order to perform our mission of social contribution via human care by creative innovation.

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